Our history

A more than a century long sea story…

Ettore 68 Beach in Riccione keeps a trunk full of cherished and precious memories of loved ones and black& white pictures.
Giuseppe Angelini, nicknamed ‘Finein d’la Pulonia’ class of 1865, the great-grandfather, a gardener the caretaker of a number of noble vacationers’ villas, was one of the pioneers in the tourism business in Riccione. He started by placing pavilions and wooden bathing-huts on the beach to satisfy the necessity for comfort of the owners of the villas in his custody while sunbathing.
Afterwards, he created a small family business on a demarcated and regulated beach area.

He then split the concession area among some of his sons including Ettore, class of 1905, who managed the stretch of beach currently known as ‘ZONA 68’ with his father’s same passion end energy along with his own wife Maria and his daughter Carla and son Mario. The family tradition has been kept alive by his grand-daughters, Barbara e Sonia, who manage 68 Beach with the commitment you can expert from someone who was born and brought up on that very same stretch of sand.